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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blame It On the A-a-a-a-a-alcohol


Second wedding so far this season. And oh the fun we had!


M and I went down to New Jersey to watch my doctor foodie friend get married. Wonderful ceremony, and the reception was amazing. No joke, my jaw dropped when I saw the spread.



Cocktail hour. So much food, I had to restrain myself. I had to save room for the dinner! Raw bar, olive bar, fruit table, hot foods, carving station… I can’t even remember the rest of it. M can confirm this – I said “Wow!” a lot.

Did I mention open bar? Yeah… open bar.


Our table was dubbed the “score table, ” as there were three of us constantly checking the Mavericks-Heat game. And we all know who won that one. There was one moment that evening that was so adorable – the guy sitting next to me was rooting for the Mavs. He was up on the dance floor with his girlfriend, pretending to dance. He didn’t know that the Mavs had just won it. All of a sudden we saw him stop dancing, whip out his phone, see the score, and do a joyful fist pump. He then looked at our table, we gave him a thumbs up, and he went back to dancing. I guess you had to be there… but it was cute.


Crab cakes, followed by a salad. M refused his crab cake, which I made me sad. The salad looked pretty, and was topped with sweet mango.


I went with the beef, on the rarer side of medium. Mashed potatoes, string beans, carrots, and asparagus.  M had the vegetarian lasagna. Both dishes were spotless within minutes.


So. Many. Desserts. This is just some of what I tried – chocolate piano filled with chocolate mousse, and while there but not obvious, bananas foster and vanilla ice cream. So much to choose from I didn’t get a chance to hit up the chocolate fountain.


Underneath all that icing was red velvet cake. Nice.


Ended the night with more drinks. I don’t think I can pull off martinis, but I can handle a cosmo.

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