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Friday, June 03, 2011

Anniversary Dinner


My parents recently celebrated a wedding anniversary. They’ve been married for over 30 years… impressive, no?

And not that you need to know, but both of their parents have been/were married for over 50.

My parents, sister, and I went to Sakana in Nanuet for a nice family dinner. This is the same restaurant we went to when I found out I passed the boards (which was almost a year ago!), and obviously it was good enough for a return visit. We arrived at the start of dinner service, and it was already pretty busy.

Apologies in advance for the dark blurry pictures. Cellphone pictures… it felt weird to use my camera.


Ceviche, or what’s left of it. It was one of the specials listed over by the sushi bar. I don’t remember what kind of fish was in there, but you can see it was whitish. Lots of bell peppers and onion, perhaps more than necessary. The acid component was either orange juice or pineapple. My sister and I went to town with this.


My mom ordered the soft shell crab. It was battered a deep fried and served with a dipping sauce. I’m not really that into soft shell crab, but nobody was really eating it… and it would be wrong to just let it sit there uneaten. Not bad.


Thai spring rolls. What came out was not what we envisioned – it was a regular eggroll, with the difference being the filling had curry mixed in. It came out piping hot and biting into a piece caused the inside to ooze out, resulting in the picture on the right. Did not like this one at all.


Sakana fried rice and Shrimp Pad Thai. Nothing out of the ordinary with these two, but it is pretty Filipino to get both a rice and noodle.


Stripe Bass Miso Teriyaki and Garlic Tofu. The miso teriyaki sauce on the fish was on the salty side, and the lemon wedge on the plate helped somewhat. The garlic tofu was my favorite out of all the entrees.


My dad’s sexy roll. It was hilarious when my dad asked the waiter about it.  This wasn’t the only roll we ordered – I had a spicy yellowtail roll as an appetizer.


Our meal ended with red bean mochi, tempura ice cream, and Tokyo bananas.

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