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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Troy Bar Crawl


Saturday was a good night for drinking.


M and I made plans with Albany Jane and John to grab some drinks. We originally had planned on hitting up the Ale House, but there was some street party going on… not to mention some questionable activities happening. M suggested Trader Ed’s and off we went, with Albany John meeting us there. 

They had 2 for 1 margaritas, which I absolutely could not refuse. I also could not refuse ordering some onion rings. Beer battered and accompanied with a dipping sauce I’m pretty sure had horseradish in it. As you can see, the margaritas led to some weak camera skills.


The night was still young so we decided to check out some other places. I had it in me to go bowling, so we headed over to Alpha Lanes. Turns out the bowling alley was dead, but their bar was busy. We stayed for a round and watched customers get worked up over horse races and a cop pulling someone over for a broken headlight. A quick stop home and on to the next bar.

We went to Browns, only to walk back out not too soon after. Next was Dublin’s, which was loud but not busy. Not really my crowd. The Ruck was next, which was more inviting. I was surprised it wasn’t packed with college students, but I guess RPI kids were being good and studying for finals. Bought a pitcher of Apricot Wheat, which was pretty good. I wish I remembered who made it! Ithaca Beer, maybe?


Our last stop of the night was Footsy Magoos. I remember hearing about it a while ago, but I didn’t know where it was. I’m still not sure where the bar is at, but it was cool. Foosball table, dart boards… and skee ball!


Too bad the game kept eating up quarters. Fun night… will have to do it again.

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Albany Jane said...

You guys are a blast to hang out with. Plus I got a decent amount of cardio in (totally negates all of the drinking). We should make this a regular thing.

I was (pleasantly) surprised with how non-packed the Ruck was for a Saturday night too. Best beer of the night.

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