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Monday, May 16, 2011

MAKE: Chocolate Filled Crescent Rolls


Chocolate baked goodness for less than three bucks. Really!


I was watching one of those Nigella Lawson shows and she whipped up chocolate croissants. Looked good, and I kept it in mind when I went grocery shopping. As it so happened, crescent rolls were on sale at Aldi’s for 99 cents, and they also had chocolate bars for the same price. Ah, things were falling into place…


Unroll dough and separate. Piece of chocolate in the middle of each, and roll up. Easy. The dough was a little oddly shaped, which led to weird looking crescents. I did attempt to correct this defect, but realized that was just making more work out of something so simple.


Awww… cute. I was worried that the chocolate would melt out, but not a drop of milk chocolate was spilled.


I wasn’t too crazy about the dough, and the chocolate wasn’t as melty as I imagined it would be, but still it was a nice treat. And I practiced enormous amounts of self restraint as I only ate two. I packed another two for lunch the next day.

Price Breakdown:

2 tins of crescent rolls @ $0.99 = $1.98
16 pieces of chocolate @ $0.055 = $0.88

Total Cost: $2.86

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