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Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Bundts About It


I was very close to ending this blog.

The reasons for this were varied – some personal, and others trivial. In the recent past I have had to endure family crises, yet still managed to post somewhat regularly. The new year came and all appeared to be looking up. New job, new location, new home.

But hardly any motivation to write.


Writing became a chore. I was constantly comparing myself to other bloggers and trying to one up what they did. My self-doubt lead to crazed thinking and rants to poor M about  how I’ve been blogging five years and I have nothing to show for it.


And after every rant, M would ask “well… why did you start your blog in the first place?”

Here’s what I wrote in my first entry, August 24th, 2005:

Some people collect shoes. Others stamps. It seems that I’m collecting blogs.

After following food blogs for months, I finally mustered up the courage to start one of my own. But why? Darn good question. I think it started up when I came across a blog about cakes. I was going through a cake phase (not that I’ve completely left it) and I wanted new ideas on what to bake next. I followed the links and read entry after entry about foods people made or had made for them. I looked at the two blogs that I had, and tried to incorporate food into either. One blog that just was not possible (pre-med, book nerdy… not the place to write about my new frying pan), and the other… I was writing nonsense there, so to add food to nonsense would just be plain silly.

Musings. Random thoughts. Pictures. Recipes. That’s how it used to be, and I liked it. Posting things I did was an afterthought, unlike now where I do things because I “just have to” write about it. Things got twisted, and it’s time to do some untangling. It’ll take some time, but it’s for the best.

How does this tie in with the cake? Well, the thought popped into my head as I was cutting some carrots to put into it (it’s a carrot bundt cake with cream cheese frosting/glaze). I replaced the oil the recipe called for with applesauce, and it made a huge difference! The cake was incredibly moist, and didn’t dry out as quickly as it normally does. Not that it lasted long enough to get to the dry out point.

I wonder how a flourless cake would hold up in one of those pans.



I hope you won't stop blogging. I'm here to listen/read about your musings and your baking adventures...
Your pictures are very enticing... I want a slice right now with a cup of my tea. ANd well it's not really related but you know bundts remind me of the movie "My Greek Fat Wedding" and after reading your post, I would love to watch the movie again, put my feet up while I enjoy a slice of this bundt. That would be my perfect afternoon right now hihih.
Happy Easter!

Lilimonster said...

While baking the cake, two movies came to mind:

My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

"And now... the bun cake!"
"You fixed it!"

and The Replacements:

"Look! Bundt cake!

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