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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

King Cake


A week ago today I picked this up from Bella Napoli. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate Fat Tuesday with alcoholic beverages, so instead I indulged in baked goods.


Traditionally these cakes are supposed to have a coin/pea/bean hidden within the cake before it is baked. Whoever finds the surprise is supposed to have good luck for the year. I don’t know when it shifted over to hiding a little baby within a cake, but it’s festive and goes with the whole crazy Mardi Gras-ness. This cake did not have a hidden baby, but I’d be wary of a small plastic toy in my food. What if it melted in there?!?

The Mardi Gras cake was just a regular frosted cake with a splash of… fun. No baby baked in there as well, but there was one on top with some beads. At least I didn’t have to flash anyone to get them. Just had to shell out some money.

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