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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red Pack Tomatoes


When you can’t get fresh tomatoes, canned is the next best thing.

I was recently contacted to see if I was interested in receiving a sampler pack of Red Pack tomatoes and kitchen gadgets. Not one to pass up on an offer of free goods, I quickly responded. A few days later I arrived home after work with a large box waiting for me. And in this box, the tin you see above.


Red Gold is the parent company of Tuttorusso, Sacramento, and Red Pack. All of these brands sell only tomato based prodcuts. Of the three I'm more familiar with Tuttorusso, since it's what is usually stocked in my parent's pantry. I'm not too sure of the difference between that and Red Pack, but I have been satisfied with Tuttorusso, and I expect the same satisfcation with Red Gold's other brands.

The contents of the mega tin:

2 cans of Red Pack tomatoes (crushed and whole peeled)
Pizza cutter
Pasta Server
Side can opener
2 magnets
2 recipe cards

I think M was most excited about the can opener – he currently owns five regular can openers, and none of them actually opens cans. This one though, has worked like a charm so far.


I used the whole tomatoes to make tomato and bread soup. It was very good- the tomatoes were not as tart as I thought it would be… mild, but in a good way.


Chris said...

Wow. Awesome that you get sent free stuff, especially canned tomatoes. Doesn't sound like it gets much better than that. Post the recipe for your tomato and bread soup sometime, I'd love to give it a try!


Albany Jane said...

Yay, freematos!

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