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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cooking the Tree of Life: Swine and Dine


Wednesday night was the start of the Cooking the Tree of Life series. It was my first time at this event, and it did not disappoint. Any time you can tie science and food is good in my book. I arrived late, so I’m not sure what happened before then. When I got there, Chef Tony Destratis was answering questions about pork belly.

I missed the pork belly!

Not to fear, dear readers – there was more to eat. They set it up with Dr. Jason Cryan breaking down the evolution of the species and Chef Tony Destratis explaining how he cooked the meat, and even offered recipes (no exact measurements, but identified ingredients that went into the dishes).

Aside from the pork belly, Destratis cooked up some ribs in a tangy barbeque sauce, and roasted pork topped with chutney. The chutney was spicier than the bbq sauce, and went well with the pork.


At the end of the program, the chefs invited the brave members of the audience to come down and try some pickled pigs feet. The guy sitting next to me decided he would give it a try. When I caught up with him, he seemed to have regretted that decision- he said it was rubbery and tasted funny. Not really the vote of confidence I needed to try it out for myself.


If you missed out, there will be another one this Wednesday “Loving the Bubbly: Bread, Wine, and Beer.” It starts at 7pm, and I suggest you get there early for a good seat. They will be serving alcohol at the cash bar.

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