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Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Years Meal



Our holiday foods can be so redundant. There is always pancit, there is always arroz caldo. Being the holidays there is turkey, ham and queso de bola (edam cheese).

We did change things slightly. Normally it’s my dad that makes the dinuguan (blood stew), but one of my uncles took on that role, and also made papaitan (bitter stew with organ meat). Not to feel left out, my dad did contribute somewhat, ordering some Peking duck and making some shrimp cocktail and steamed fluke (cooked with fermented black beans, ginger and scallions).

At the request of my grandpa, I roasted another turkey, this time one that was less than ten pounds. And just like Christmas, it was hardly touched. This always is our problem – we make too much food!  I hardly ate anything all night, but non-stop cooking does that sometimes.

What we were eating to ring in the new year.

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