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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Sky Natural Soda


Yes, I drink water. And juice. And tea. And coffee. But I really like those bubbles. So I try to quench my bubble cravings with seltzer. This usually hits the spot, but… sometimes I just get a hankering for soda, ya know?

In my quest to find an alternative to the HCFS filled brands, here is what I found.

I spotted Blue Sky at The Fresh Market, and decided to give it a go. Made with real sugar was what caught my eye, and if I recall, the price wasn’t bad either.

Blue Sky is owned by the Hansen Brewing Company, which makes a variety of natural, preservative/artificial flavor/artificial color free beverages. And like its parent company, Blue Sky produces organic and natural sodas, seltzers, and energy drinks.


A look at the ingredient list shows that this cola was made with: filtered carbonated water, real sugar, natural cola nut flavor, caramel color (from fructose), tartaric acid (from grapes), and citric acid. Seems simple enough, right? And it actually lists everything in there, instead of slapping on “natural flavors.”

Visual –

Taste – Surprisingly good. Soda made with sugar seems a little weird to me, but this one didn’t. I’ve noticed lately that Coke and Pepsi seem to lose their fizz quickly and I’m left drinking flat soda. Blue Sky seemed to keep its fizz longer, thus prolonging the flatness.

Buy again? – Yes. I like the fact that it’s made with real sugar and other natural ingredients. Its calorie count is slightly higher than a can of Coke, but it’s also sodium free, which I think is a fair trade off.

If you’re interested in trying this for yourself, you can pick it up at TFM or these other stores (as per the company website):

Honest Weight Food Co-op – Albany, NY
Berkshire Co-op Market – Great Barrington, MA
Cornucopia Foods – Northampton, MA
River Valley Market – Northampton, MA
Wild Oats Cooperative – Williamstown, MA
Middlebury Natural Foods – Middlebury, VT
Onion River Co-op – Burlington, VT

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