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Friday, December 03, 2010

Price Comparison: Crab Meat


Oh, I really do like crab. I've devoted enough posts on this blog to prove that. But other than steaming live ones, I really haven't cooked with them. I think the biggest reason was my thinking I had to pick the meat on my own. Can you imagine? That would take FOREVER... not to mention a whole lot of crab to produce my desired quantity of meat. But lucky me, the stores were selling crab meat, and I was saved from a crabby mess.

For the crab cake post, I had to do some shopping to see just how much crab meat cost. Keep in mind that the stores I checked were in Northern New Jersey/Rockland County area, so prices where you are may be completely different.

Store Name
(meat type)
Country Origin
Trader Joe’s (Westwood, NJ) Chicken of the Sea (claw) 1 lb India, Philippines $8.99
A & P Fresh (Park Ridge, NJ) Trans-Global (jumbo lump) 1 lb China $19.99
Jack’s Catch (lump) 1 lb China $9.99 (sale)
Yao (lump) 1 lb China $9.99 (sale)
Chicken of the Sea (claw/lump) 8 oz $5.99
Chicken of the Sea (jumbo) 1 lb India, Philippines,
Pathmark (Nanuet, NY) Jack’s (claw) 1 lb China $11.99
Jack’s (lump) 1 lb China $14.99
King’s (Maywood, NJ) Philips (jumbo) 8 oz Indonesia $16.99
Little River Brand (jumbo lump) 8 oz USA (wild) $18.99

Some thoughts:
  • Chicken of the Sea seems to have the market when it comes to crab meat, but would that really be surprising?
  • I am more comfortable with my crab meat coming from anywhere but China.
  • Philip’s crab meat is way overpriced. I’ve eaten at their restaurants in Maryland, and I was not impressed.

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Albany Jane said...

Sweet - I love the price comparisons. Now once you find a brand that tastes good, lemme know!

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