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Monday, November 08, 2010

The McRib is Back!


Oh yeah, my old friend is back. Only it was never my friend. This sandwich is indeed a temptation, only I was never really tempted to have it before. Blame it on the McRib aura.

And of course those commercials:


Really, what is so great about this sandwich? You’re not getting a real rib- but ground pork formed into the shape of a rib. This “rib” is then slathered in sauce and topped with chopped onions and pickles on a soft roll. It was weird, but not entirely unappealing. Very similar to the sandwiches I used to get in the school cafeterias during grade school… only messier and with more fries and a soda.

If I’m going to have barbequed pork, then give me a pulled pork sandwich with a good tangy slaw and pickles. And do realize I’ve come a long way – I used to not like this stuff at all.

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