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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Market Saturation

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There’s going to be a new supermarket in town! The  Times Union is reporting that Shoprite is coming back to the Capital Region. The owners of the OTB Teletheater are planning on tearing down the old building to make way for a brand new, super duper Teletheater, and enough space for a supermarket. If you’re not familiar where the OTB is located, it sits along Central Avenue, down the road from a Hannaford and Price Chopper.

I don’t know about this. On one hand, I’m happy- I never dug the whole the food shopping situation in the CR, because being a downstater, it never compared to the stores back home (Shoprite/Pathmark/A&P to some extent). The choice of location seems questionable, and I can only imagine how much more headache inducing the traffic in that area will become.

So what do you think? A welcome addition? Would you rather another store come in instead?

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