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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Honey Citron Tea


I found this on my last trip to H Mart. At first I was wondering why they were stocking marmalade in the tea aisle, but it turns out this marmalade is a type of tea. I figured it would be worth a try so I picked up a jar.

The ingredients are simple enough – sugar, honey, and citron. I’ve done some research and this type of tea is common in Asia, especially in Korea where it is called yujacha. It is made by cooking sliced citron with honey and sugar until it becomes thick and jelly-like. To make a cup of tea, a heaping spoonful of this jelly is mixed with either hot or cold water. The rinds that are left after the liquid has been drunk can also be eaten.


The blurb on the label states that citron contains three times more Vitamin C than lemons and oranges. It also boasts the importance of Vitamin C that I’m sure we’re all familiar with. I’m down with the health benefits, and it doesn’t hurt that it tastes pretty good. I haven’t had it on its own yet, I’ve been mixing this with my other teas. It makes boring Lipton tea tastes oh so much better.

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