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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jets - Vikings


If I had to pick a team to root for other than my beloved Steelers, I’d have to go with the Jets. The reasons behind this are simple:
  1. M is a Jets fan (although I know deep down he’s still rooting for the Detroit Lions).
  2. M gets us tickets to Jets home games. Monday night games, no less.

Last Monday, M and I braved the craptastic weather and watched the New York Jets play the Minnesota Vikings. Instead of driving (which would have been faster and slightly less expensive), we took the train in. NJ Transit has a station right next to the stadium, making it easier for the carless (or tailgating inclined) to watch some games. Two roundtrip tickets cost us $31.00, which was six bucks more than stadium parking last time. Add onto that the $2.65 we paid for train station parking (which was good for 16 hours), and I was beginning to doubt our using mass transit.

We headed to the Meadowlands early enough so we could do some tailgating. I guess you could call it tailgating, or you could call it what it was - drinking beer in the parking lot. We didn’t bring food, because we knew there would be free snacks waiting for us. Over by our gate there was free potato chips and cheese doodles.

The night before we had stopped by the Fresh Market in Latham and picked up one of those mix-and-match six packs to bring to the game. Of the six, I really liked the Longboard Island Lager from the Kona Brewing Co. I may have liked it more because I was having a field day on the potato chips. As the beer warmed up (yea yea yea… I drink slow), it became undrinkable. M’s Nut Brown from Ellicottville Brewing Co. was too hoppy for me, so I drank the water Bud Light.

IMG_20101011_172806 IMG_20101011_182541 
There wasn’t as much going on before the game  as there was last time, but that last time was the home opener and they had to pull out all the stops. I watched the pre-game ESPN show and feebly attempted to throw a football. M actually won, but passed up on his free gift (I think it was a t-shirt, which would have been MINE). I may not be able to throw a football, but thanks to my fancy smart phone I was able to score a USB drive in the shape of a football. Ha ha ha!
There really wasn’t much else going out there, so we headed inside.

IMG_20101011_184427 IMG_20101011_184434

It was at this point in the post that I mentioned the whole Brett Farve thing, and my not knowing that much about it… nor really caring.

Non-football drama aside, my visits to the new stadium have taught me two very important things:
  1. As awesome as the seats are, they downright suck. They make coach seats on low budget airline carriers seem roomy.
  2. The Great Hall lounge makes up for that.
IMG_20101011_185334 IMG_20101011_185429
IMG_20101011_185349 IMG_20101011_192846

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