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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fresh Market Spinach Feta Pizza


So the Tournament of Pizza is over, and Marino’s was declared the winner over DeFazio’s. To celebrate, I thought what better to have for dinner than… pizza. Everyone in the apartment was in the mood for it, including my cat Gadget. I don’t blame her, it smelled wonderful.

pizza1 pizza3

The Fresh Market has your basics when it comes to pizza (cheese, pepperoni, veggie, etc.) but it also had two I didn’t expect to see – margarita and spinach & feta. I went with the spinach because it seemed interesting, and it looked very topping heavy. And seeing as it costs $7.99, I wanted my money’s worth.

pizza4 pizza5

Pizza breakdown: dough, thin layer of tomato sauce, large mound of baby spinach and a good handful of feta on top. The directions on the sticker said to brush the crust with some olive oil to help with the browning, but eh… more work than I wanted to do. The pizza cooked for about ten minutes, until the cheese started to melt and turn brown.

That large mound of spinach reduced to a flat thing, the water from the leaves making the slices a little soupy. The feta was nice, but I should have dispersed it more before throwing it in the oven. There were bites that had a lot of cheese were a bit too salty. The crust… not what I was hoping for. It was too crispy, and add on to that the saltiness of the cheese, it was as if I was eating a saltine pizza bite. Not to say I didn’t like it- it’s a good concept, but things still need to be worked on. Had I made this from scratch, it would have been a different story (I hope).

Spinach Feta Pizza (The Fresh Market) from Under the Copper Tree on Vimeo.

As you can see in the video (apologies for the focus/unfocus deal going on there… need to change that setting) we cooked the pizza up on a pizza stone we picked up at a garage sale, for free! I love that thing, I think we’ll definitely have to do a weekly pizza night. But that means me working out my issues with dough. Which I will work out… serious.

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