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Friday, October 22, 2010

Albany’s Chipotle


Made a quick visit to the Capital Region yesterday! Most of the time was spent running around taking care of things so I can apply for jobs (a.k.a. forking over the dough to get official transcripts that may not even be asked for). Before dropping M off at work, we headed over to Stuyvesant Plaza and ate lunch at Chipotle. Ordered the usuals, and they tasted as they ought to.


I like the design of this location. Streamlined. Minimal-ish. Everything is very close to the ground, which makes me think of grade school, only with cooler furniture. They need to turn the volume down a bit, it was hard to have a conversation without yelling.

chippy IMG_20101021_172739

My only gripe? Their chips. Yes, they don’t give you that much, but what I got seemed so little. If you’re going to give so little, why use such a big bag? You get my hopes up, Chipotle! Two bucks for this… and for what you get it’s overpriced. I can go to Chopper and buy a bag of chips for two bucks. Or I can buy a package of flour tortillas and fry/bake up some… and still get more chips.

Okay, chip gripe over.

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