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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Saloon (Pearl River, NY)

I’ve been wanting to bring M to The Saloon for quite some time now. It’s definitely the type of place that he would be interested in, and I’ve talked about the place enough that it piqued his interest. This weekend M came down so we could check out the Barclays tournament (hot, lots of standing, not really my thing), but before then we stopped by The Saloon for some lunch.

If you’re familiar with Pearl River, then you know that it is chock full of bars. If you wanted to do a pub crawl, bar golf… this if your town. I still haven’t done either, but I’m seriously thinking one should be in the works for my birthday.

Anyways, The Saloon is where it starts. It’s a pub, but they also have a small dining section. This is not an adults-only kind of place, there are always kids eating here. There is some seating outside, but I never see anyone out there eating.


Irish placemats? Yeah… we’re in Pearl River. The menu items are typical of pub fare, but aside from the corned beef & cabbage, there is no Irish food. Lots of Italian though.
M chose the quesadilla, mostly in part because Mags had ordered it before and liked it. And because of her previous experience with their guacamole, he was a bit hesitant to slather it on top of his food.

Hesitant for a minute. Then he gave in. Then he realized why Mags felt the way she did. He kept talking about it, so it must have been good.
 taco salad

It was a toss up between the Saloon burger and the taco salad. And you see which ended up winning. Compared to some other taco salads I’ve had, this was pretty good. They use chili for their taco meat, which I have no issues with. Lots of cheese, chopped tomato and lettuce. Served with sour cream and salsa. They could have cut the lettuce a little smaller, but other than that I have no complaints. It was good! The bowl was a fried up flour tortilla, but even that I had no problems with. I kept breaking the edges and stirring it in with the rest of the salad.

I tried my best to finish it, but I was stuffed. Will have to try this one again.

Our food and drinks came out to just over twenty dollars, before tip.

The Saloon
45-49 West Central Avenue
Pearl River, NY 10965

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