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Friday, September 17, 2010

Karavalli Lunch Buffet (Nanuet, NY)


I recently met up with my friend S for a quick lunch. He really can’t go that far, so we’re limited to places in the Nanuet/Pearl River area. I originally wanted to check out the new Indian restaurant on Little Tor Road, but that’s New City and would cut into S’s eating time. He suggested Karavalli, which is just down the road.

I bet reading this makes you think of the Karavalli in Albany. Well guess what… they’re affiliated with one another, as indicated on their take out menus and the website.

The price of Karavalli’s lunch buffet is slightly more expensive than the lunch buffets I’m used to ($9.95 weekday lunch, $13.95 weekend brunch), but I suppose in exchange for a higher price is more variety in their dishes. If you can see in that picture up there, they had a noodle dish. Now I will readily admit I am not very knowledgeable in Indian cuisine, so I can’t say if that vermicelli dish is something you would commonly see. But it was new to me, so I tried it. Not bad, although it reminded me of Singapore noodles.

I wasn’t as hungry as I normally am when it comes to buffet, and only got up for more food two more times, just to try a little here and there. I hardly touched the naan, and what little I ate was tasteless and greasy.



I saved enough room for dessert. They had two offerings- milk dumplings and kheer. The kheer was okay, but it is pretty much rice pudding. The milk dumplings I’ve never seen before and I thought they were too sweet.

So far I haven’t found an Indian restaurant in Rockland County that appeals to me. It’s a shame, since I really do like Indian food. I think I’ll have to check out the new place over in New City. It’s in the space that used to be a Mexican restaurant. And just like the restaurant that preceded it, I have a feeling it’s not going to last.

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