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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jets-Ravens Game (East Rutherford, NJ)


September is turning out to be a very sports filled month! Thanks to M’s super skills, we have scored tickets to the Barclays tournament, Yankees-Orioles game, and the Jets home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. And that’s just the stuff we went to- the other events (a preview of Aaron Sanchez’s Tacombi, a wine tasting for the Jets, Colbie Calliat concert) we were unable to attend, but ahhh… still very cool.

Football season is officially underway and I’m excited. This was the first football game for both M and I, so it had to be awesome. And it was… it really was. But before the awesome, we had to get to to the stadium.


For us non-permit people, our parking is all the way in Siberia. It wasn’t a big deal… at first. I figured from here we would go straight to the stadium. Silly me, why would they make it that simple? We got on a school bus only to be dropped off at another parking lot and told to grab another shuttle. No real directions other than some guy saying to make a left around the bend and waiting for the bus. What he didn’t say was make a left around the bend and then cross a large, partially filled parking lot to get to the bus. Whatever anger I had about the parking situation disappeared with each step I took, and was replaced with excitement.


We grabbed our tickets from will call and went inside. This is where we sat… on the 50 yard line! This picture really doesn’t show how close we were to the field, but wow… not at all like they show on television. On tv the field looks HUGE, but sitting there it was this teeny thing. Seating in this section was cramped, so I took every opportunity to stay standing.

Another perk of these tickets was that we would be able to go on the field for the Green Day half time show. Aside from being able to watch a game in the new stadium (don’t like the Jets or Ravens… STEELERS!!) what I really was looking forward to was being able to stand on that field… how many people can say they did that?!? Unfortunately the lady at the ticket booth had no idea about the half time show, so we sat in our seats and waited. Turns out we made the wrong choice because sure enough, we saw a line of people run onto the field… without us!


It was an extremely short show- they played one song and that was it. While the stadium crew was getting the field ready for the second half, we headed into the club house. I can’t believe we sat in our seats for that long when we had all of this available to us!


There were plenty of serving stations throughout room. In the picture above, were the basics… things you would expect at a football game – hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage and peppers, chicken tenders, and meatball sandwiches. There was also a carving station, Asian food station, hoagies, nacho bar, and plates of desserts at the bar.


I wasn’t too sure what I wanted, so I grabbed the first things I saw. Not bad, but I had one piece of chicken left when I went to grab some napkins. when I returned, my plate was gone! The staff sure is quick about cleaning up.

IMG_20100913_211439 IMG_20100913_212356

IMG_20100913_212902 IMG_20100913_213552

The new stadium is not very vegetarian friendly. I had so much meat options to choose from, but when it came to non-meat, there was this small salad station. You wouldn’t have noticed it there either – I only found it because it’s where I grabbed the napkins. According to M their offerings were good, but not enough to fill him up. So I walked around, and yes! Nacho bar! I also grabbed a few of the fresh vegetable rolls to nibble on. As we headed out to the field, M grabbed some snickerdoodles. I was tempted, but people were just taking off the plate… ick.

IMG_20100913_223409 100_0041
100_0047 100_0062

Just in case the food inside wasn’t enough to satisfy an appetite, there were two cases full of snacks waiting for you outside. I helped myself to Twizzlers and M&M’s while M went after the Cracker Jacks. Standing on the field was pretty cool, but I couldn’t really see anything other than the backs of the football players. But I was on the field and had access to all the junk food that I wanted. And I ate all of it… not like some other people. You would not believe the amount of partially eaten bags of food were thrown about the small viewing area. Yeah, it’s free food, but don’t be a douche and waste it.

IMG_20100913_224159 IMG_20100913_225023

As for the game, the Jets were bad. Loads of penalties, and their offense was non-existent. The Ravens turned the ball over three times, but they didn’t have as many penalties as their opponents, and they were able to convert on third-down situations. The Jets are playing the Patriots next, so they better get their act together.

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