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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Carvel Ice Cream


I was doing some coupon clipping when I came across this ad. Free ice cream? I’m in. And the best part? It was Thursday!  So after sending a message to my friends about the freeness, I jumped in my car and drove to the nearest Carvel. I even contemplated doing an ice cream run, hitting up the three Carvels  in my area.
But first, I had to try out this ice cream.


It looks like Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate ice cream is their new flavor. The free sample is a kid scoop size, I think I read somewhere 3 0z. That’s more than enough for ice cream I’ve never had before. I don’t know if it’s clear or not, but it’s chocolate with marshmallow creme/fluff/something throughout.

I’ve got to hand it to Carvel, it does indeed taste exactly like Swiss Miss hot chocolate… right down to the powdery aftertaste. Might be better in a milk shake.

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