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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Filipino Breakfast

filipino breakfast

My reward for taking my family to the airport. The garlic fried rice was garlic heavy, which I love. Whenever I make some it doesn’t come out the same way, I’ll have to ask my aunt for her secret.

Longanisa is the Filipino take on sausages. I’ve only ever seen them made with pork, but I’m sure someone has come up with ones made with other meats. Each region makes their own type of sausage. Longanisa from Vigan is on the sour side and very garlicky. Very reminiscent of the sawsawans (dipping sauce) I make to go with grilled meats. The sweet longanisa is your standard, entry-level of sorts in Filipino sausagery.

The eggs were very eggish. There was a hint of onion, and yeah… eggish. I personally would have done without, but my aunt cooked it and I felt bad saying no.

Ate this with a steaming hot cup of San Mig instant coffee. Yum… it’s as if I was transported to the Philippines!

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Unknown said...

That is the best breakfast. I totally understand how you feel about the garlic rice. I love longoniza, I actually made it but the skinless version. If you ever want to try it, here is the recipe:

It is actually quite easy. If you find out your aunts secrete, could you please share. I always use a ton of garlic powder to get close.

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