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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

An Unresolved Issue

2010-08-01 19.58.10

So I wrote before about my visit to the Wilton Chipotle and their brown guacamole. Well, M and I went back on our way up to Queensbury and it happened again. There was a huge tub of guacamole, and most of the top layer was brown. I’m not saying it didn’t taste good (because it did) but that it's not something I want to see when I’m on the line ordering food.

Perhaps they should think about making a smaller batch. The place was empty when we stopped in… completely different than the scene in Latham. And I don’t remember having a guacamole issue there.

2010-08-01 20.00.14

I changed things up a bit and ordered the tacos with barbacoa. Apparently I told M I would just have one.

2010-08-01 20.08.20

This is what ended up happening. In the amount of time M ate a handful of chips and guacamole, I inhaled three tacos. They were so delicious… I think I shall order this again. I can’t guarantee I won’t scarf them down immediately, though.

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