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Thursday, August 05, 2010


2010-07-29 17.06.04

Also known as Chinese spinach, or Ipomoea aquatica (official name), kangkong seems to be one of those vegetables my parents get all excited about when they see it at the market. My dad purchased this from Chinatown and both he and mom kept commenting on the size of it. And because it came from Chinatown, it was dirt cheap – the price for the three pounds he bought (must have been under five bucks) would have bought him a third of the amount at the local stores here in Rockland.

Kangkong can be cooked up on its own, or as part of another dish. The two dishes I’ve commonly seen it in are sinigang and adobo kangkong.  I definitely like it in the sinigang, but it doesn’t seem right adobo-ed. That may stem from my general dislike of adobo (what a bad Filipina I am!). This batch was thrown into pork sinigang and sautéed with oyster sauce. Pretty much any vegetable can be made better when you add oyster sauce.

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