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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello Kitty

IMG_20100828_200645 (2)

….. aaaaaaaand I’m back.

Hey. Good to see you.

I have a lot to catch up on (being cooped up in a room for hours on end studying can make you a wee bit crazy), but in the meantime enjoy some of these food related Hello Kitty items I found this weekend.

Picture above I found at International. According to the sales sticker, this large tin contains milk candy. I wonder if it really was candy… since it was stocked with cookies and crackers.


Icing decorations! I found these at AC Moore. FYI: I think their Moonlight Madness sale is on the 12th.

And what would go well with edible Hello Kitty decorations?


How about a not-so-edible-yet-tasty-looking birthday candle? Also found at AC Moore. That store really has not been one to disappoint with their Sanrio merchandise… although they may have toned it down a bit. What about Keroppi? And that penguin?


Why do kids always get the cool stuff?!? Yes, I want classy dishware. But I also want to be entertained! A cat face on a dish? Entertaining. Some floral trim? Not entertaining. Sold at Target.

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