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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Glen Drive-In Theater (Queensbury, NY)

2010-08-02 00.17.05

The drive-in movie tour is almost done! On Sunday M and I headed up to Queensbury to check out The Glen Drive-In. I had my reservations at first, because it was so close to Lake George and the chance of it being overrun with tourists was high. But as we pulled up, it seemed campy and quite likeable. M commented it looked like something you would find in a horror movie.

2010-08-01 22.27.20

The menu at the concession stand seems tiny compared to the one in Malta. I thought I caught the faint smell of funnel cakes, but they were nowhere to be found. But they do have chicken fingers, jalapeƱo poppers, and french fries if you need your fried food fix at the movies.  M dragged me out of there before I could buy anything.

2010-08-01 22.33.49

My poor attempt at using the speaker during the second movie. Wouldn’t hanging this off your door scratch up the paint? And the cord doesn’t stretch out that far… hence my having to hold on to it. I made it through one trailer before I put it back. Car speakers win this time, my friend.

We watched Despicable Me and Salt. Despicable Me was cute, but I didn’t get into it until halfway through the movie (too slow and boring in the first half). Salt… Albany was really good. The rest of the movie… whatever.

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