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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Snow Man (Troy, NY)

2010-07-18 16.31.04


I don’t know if you heard, but Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. So naturally I just had to have some ice cream to celebrate. And the only place I wanted to get ice cream from was the Snow Man.


2010-07-18 16.33.11


I forget what time it was when we drove over there, but it must have been early afternoon? Snow Man wasn’t too busy, but you can never be too sure how long that will last. And sure enough, after we placed our order, a long line had formed behind us.


2010-07-18 16.34.56

Sure I had lots of options. Sundaes! Pies! Overflowing pies! Only 8!

But I opted for a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles. I always get it. I’m pretty sure I always will. It reminds me of my childhood- running out of the house when I could hear the Mister Softie truck came down the street. My mom was wary of those ice cream trucks… said their ice cream was dirty.

I never got sick from it. And I’d like to think it would be less dirty than the supposed “dirty” ice cream sold from those carts in the Philippines.

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