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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kellogg’s Eggo Real Fruit Pizza

Growing up, I was more into Pop Tarts than Eggos. The reasoning is simple enough- Pop Tarts don’t need to be heated, and are easy to take on the go. Eggos, in my eyes, was considered sit down food. You took it out of the freezer, popped it into the toaster, sat down and waited until it was cooked, threw it on a plate, sat down and covered it with butter and syrup. Eggos were “labor intensive.”

IMG_9789 IMG_9794

Fast-forward twenty something years and Eggos are once again in my life. One of the benefits of being part of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program, is that I get to try out new products. For free. Last month I opted in for this real fruit pizza and forgot all about it. Early last week it came in, but I put off trying it until the end of the week.

Because it’s an Eggo, you would have expected this pizza to have a waffle as the crust, right? Well, that’s what I expected it. I pictured that it would be their signature waffle, covered in a sauce… something along the lines of yogurt, and topped with fruit. And if that’s what I got, I would have been alright with it.

But that’s not what came out of the box. Heck… that’s not even what was pictured on the box. What I saw… was possibly a pancake. A pancake. Covered in pink stuff. And granola. And fruit. The first thing I thought? “This is an Eggo?”

IMG_9809 IMG_9811

The pizza can be either microwaved or heated in a toaster oven. According to the back of the box, microwaving would take only a minute and a half, where as the oven could take up to seven minutes. My first inclinations were to throw it in the oven (ensuring a crispy crust), but I figured I would go the microwave route.


It’s pretty simple. You flip the try over and place the pizza on the cooking circle. 1-1 1/2 minutes to cook, and 1-2 minutes to cool down. And depending on how you eat, up to another 5 minutes to finish it. I guess if you were on the run, you can burrito it, and wrap it in a napkin as you’re running out the door. Or you can cut it up into slices, as I did.

IMG_9814 IMG_9823
Before and after shots. Not that there seems to be much of a difference when you look at it. No more ice on the strawberries and it smells cooked… that’s about it when it comes to differentiating the two.

The crust was bland. I definitely tasted the cinnamon in it, but that was it. I should have went ahead and cooked this in the oven- microwaving pizza-like things always leads to mediocre results. The spread turned out to be flavored Neufchatel cheese. I’m indifferent to it on this pizza. The granola was soggy, but could possibly be corrected by cooking in the oven. Strawberries were okay, but I wouldn’t have minded some more.

Will I buy this in the future? Probably not. If it just happened to be lying around and I was hungry… I’d eat it. But Kellogg’s may want to tinker around with this some more.

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phairhead said...

my boyfriend ran away screaming when he saw this at Hanaford!

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