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Saturday, July 03, 2010

De Fazio’s Pizzeria (Troy, NY)

2010-07-01 18.30.57


I can now say I’ve had the De Fazio pizza experience. I’ve been in the Capital Region on and off for the last 10 years and it took until this week to check the place out.

Albany Jane and I initially made plans to meet up and have a picnic, but the weather didn’t feel like participating. So we decided on pizza instead. I’m not that familiar with the Troy pizza scene, so I left it to AJ for the suggestions. We decided on De Fazio’s and planned to meet up later that day.

The pizzeria is located on 4th Street, which is just down the hill from M’s apartment.  Even though it was close by, I was still unsure where it was. So yes… I GPSed it. While waiting for Albany Jane & Albany John, I stood outside and wondered why the building across the street build that covered stairway like they did. The smell of melting cheese and tomato sauce and cooked dough kept wafting out in a teasing way.

It smelled amazing. And I was sure it would taste just as good.


2010-07-01 18.59.56

We ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which has seasoned chicken, Franks Red Hot, bleu cheese and mozzarella. Holy moly. Look at all that cheese! It was like I was eating hot wings, but my hands weren’t messy. And there were no bones to deal with. And the crust! Charry, crispy, and I swear one bite tasted really buttery.

Wow. Really… wow.

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Albany Jane said...

Yaaaay, I take it you and M will be back (their smoked mozzarella pizza is also kick ass. Really, they all are good).

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