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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Vietnam (Spring Valley, NY)

I really love this place. I order for here often, and I've written three other posts about it. And when All Over Albany proposed we submit a photo of our lunches, I immediately thought of Vietnamese food. The banh mi, especially.

According to the menu, the banh mi thit consists of "Thin slices of Vietnamese style pork roll & ham, fresh cilantro, cucumber, julienne carrot and daikon, and Vietnamese mayonnaise." I asked for it to be spicier, and they did not disappoint. Just enough heat, but not too lingering, thanks to the cucumber spear. What exactly is Vietnamese mayo? Mayonnaise with Siracha? If it is... I need to make tons of it.

Fried egg rolls (cha gio) filled with ground pork, carrots, onion, and what I think are glass noodles. Fried until it hit golden brown but not as greasy as you would imagine. I went dip crazy with the nuoc cham, and pickled shredded carrot and daikon is always a nice treat.

Pho tai nam gan sach. I guess think would fall along the lines of training wheels Vietnamese, but really it's become comfort food for me. Medium rare eye round beef, flanks, tendons, beef tripe, and noodles served in a beef broth. Comes with a sprig of Thai basil, lemon wedge, and a small container with siracha and what I think is hoisin sauce. Even though it was pretty hot out, it definitely hit the spot. They all hit the spot, which explains why I order them over and over.

At first I thought they may have forgotten the tripe, but there it is. I found it hiding under the noodles. It's a shame people think tripe as something not good enough to eat.

I think I might go there tonight for dinner. There's still plenty of things on the menu that I need to try again.


Albany Jane said...

This is what I want up here. Nothing too showy on the outside, but the food inside is great all the way. How are the prices?

Lilimonster said...

Not bad at all. They've gone up a bit over the years, but that's expected.

That whole meal was 19 bucks. And I would gladly spend that much again.

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