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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mango Smoothie Pops

I have had it in my head to make pops. Sure I can make some ice cream and pour it into molds, but M's apartment makes that a bit difficult. So I thought up a Plan B - smoothies. I picked up this mold from the Dollar Tree. Isn't it cute?

Picked this up from Price Chopper. I was originally thinking mixing yogurt and juice, but this was easier. And it's mango, so even better. I wasn't sure how much we would need to fill the pops, so I went with the bigger bottle.

Turns out we didn't need that much. Hardly put a dent in the bottle. Just as well, a couple of glasses really hit the spot. It would probably be a good mixer with some vodka... not too sure about rum.

Into the freezer for a nice, long frozen slumber. I don't have any pictures of them when they were done, but they were good. A little too small, and they were a bit of a pain to take out. We had to run it under warm water a few times before they melted/loosened up. And the holder came right out, so we had to turn them right side up and make sure they didn't hit the floor.


phairhead said...

you cut yr hair! looks super cute :D

Lilimonster said...

Thanks! Short hair is so much easier to manage in the summer.

Albany Jane said...

Yeah, mango! Those are cute molds. (And the demonstrator, too)

Have you seen the Zoku popsicle maker? It claims to make them within 10 minutes. I am really intrigued, but don't eat popsicles enough to justify the purchase.

Lilimonster said...

I saw the Zoku the last time I checked out Williams-Sonoma. I was curious, but the price tag turns me off.

And I don't mind waiting a few hours before I can have a pop.

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