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Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Cook Everything Project: French Onion Soup

How did M want to celebrate his birthday? By cooking. I should have been happy about that, but I really wanted to get out of the apartment (it had been raining all day).

I wanted to use red onions, or maybe Spanish onions, but M insisted on Vidalia (they were on sale). I thought it would be too sweet for the soup, but it turned out to be just right. The sweetness and creaminess of the onions really came out in the soup. Perhaps the use of vegetable broth played into that. I wonder if that pairing would work with a beef broth.

For as long as you have to cook the onions, this recipe is pretty easy. You don't really have to keep that careful an eye on the onions until it's been cooking for about 40 minutes or so. At that point the liquid from the onions has reduced substantially, and there is greater risk of burning.


Anonymous said...

what else did you add besides the broth, onions, butter? perhaps some fresh thyme? S & P?

Lilimonster said...

Thyme, bay leaf, and s & p.

Forgot to mention that, thank you for reminding me.

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