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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hollywood Drive-In Theatre

I've never been to a drive-in before. There was never a need, and being that I grew up in the urban sprawl... they just didn't exist in my world. Until I moved upstate, and every time it was suggested I shot it down. Why bother watching movies in a car when a sit down theater is so much easier? Plus there's that whole sit down theater experience that you don't get in a car, but we don't need to go into a whole debate about things like that.

Saturday M and I kept going back and forth on what to do for the evening. Most of the events didn't appeal to us, but we needed to get out of the apartment (I had been playing a video game that I will not name because it's still not out yet and I don't want to get in trouble... but it's awesome and cannot wait until I can get it on my Wii down here). Watching movies are a pretty safe bet, so M looked up showtimes.

"Do you think the drive-in is open?"
"I don't see why not. What's playing?"
"Um... Toy Story 3 and the A-Team."
"uuuuuuugh. Okay, I guess so."

The Hollywood Drive-In is about a 15-20 minute drive from M's apartment, right off of Route 66. I know you have to pass by Jack's Drive-In and Okinawa to get there... which I forgot was there when I was thinking of something to eat for the movies.

When you go in, they do give you a menu of foods offered at the concession stand, along with the theater rules and a plastic bag for your trash. They offer the same things that you would find at other theater concession stands- popcorn, french fries, nachos, hot dogs, etc. The building that houses the food also has the bathrooms. FYI, the line gets long during intermission... so hit it early, or if you're brave enough, use the portables.

I was planning on buying some popcorn. I really was. But I went evil and got Taco Bell. And sneaked it in. It was good... tasty even in its unhealthy, forbidden glory.

The movies? Toy Story 3 was cute, A-Team was... let's not go there.


Albany Jane said...

My car dies midway into the 2nd movie. I just bring a boom box to play in the front seat whenever I go. Which isn't all that often.

But I do like sneaking in food. C'mon, why eat crappy movie theater food when you can have Taco Bell?


I've been working there since I was 16.
The owners are GREAT people.


We have a wide variety of food -- we just added milk shakes, ice cream cones, new kinds of pizza, new types of burgers and more!

*Our popcorn pops larger because of the kernels we use AND we use coconut oil which is FAR healthier for everyone than peanut oil!

*If you catch us on a good night, I'll be baking chocolate chip cookies!


When you sneak food into a drive-in you are adding to the demise of them. Movie companies take 60-70% from our box office earnings, that means the only way we stay open it through via our kind patrons at the concession stand. ALSO, all of our employees stay after and pick up the trash -- with an overwhelming amount of outside food, we may have to turn to a food permit [something other drive-ins have done], because it's not fair to us to have to pick up outside food.

By initiating a food permit, everyone would pay $5 when they enter to bring in outside food, or $10 if you're caught with it.

There used to be over 150 drive-in theaters statewide at their peak, there are now less than 30. Long Island used to have 15 and now has none. There are less than 300 nationwide now.

Please support The Hollywood by actually buying food, it is a family business and outside food has been killing drive-ins since the invention of the suburbs (fast food Meccas).


If your car battery dies, you're not turning your car off and radio on properly, or you have daytime running lights and need to put your emergency break on. However, if your battery still dies, we have a jumper box that our boss uses to jump people's batteries at the end of the show.

Hope this helps & please remember to support us [and come again and again]! We love and appreciate all of our customers.

: )

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