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Monday, June 14, 2010

Feast of St. Anthony

The weather held up for the most part yesterday so this could go on. There were games and bouncy castles for the kids, music and dance for the adults, and food for them all. There was food representing the different ethnic groups that go to St. Anthony's.

This is some of the video that my dad took. There's a glimpse of me at some point, and you can hear me talking to him at the end. The best part is the conversation my dad has with one of the volunteers. It's in tagalog, so let me translate as best I can:

Guy - There's a line for the Filipino, but not the others

Dad - I know!

Guy - Why is that?

Dad - Our food tastes good.

I didn't get any Filipino food. I went and tried some Indian, Haitian, and Polish food. They were all very tasty, especially the Polish sauerkraut and kielbasa. So Good.

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