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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Engagement Party

Saturday afternoon I found myself driving down to South Jersey for an engagement party. The bride-to-be I've known since we were toddlers, and I rarely pass up a chance to visit.

The cake was fantastic. Definitely buttercream icing, and the cake I'm guessing was a chocolate chiffon. I asked where they got the cake from, but I forget which bakery. Somewhere in Voorhees, NJ.

As great as the cake was, the barbeque surpassed it. Pork and chicken skewers and Korean style ribs. To guarantee that you got to try some, you had to stand by the grill. Which I did. Several times. I really should have asked how they marinated the meat- not one tough piece.

No clue what kind of beer was served. It was in a keg, and bearable. I stuck mainly to the sangria, both red and white. It was good, but perhaps a little weak. I kept drinking it and didn't feel a thing. Or maybe I finally got my tolerance back.

I passed up on the flip cup and beer pong, because really... it's not cool to do that stuff in front of family.

This is why I grill with the husks on. ick.

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