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Friday, June 11, 2010

Brown's Brewing Co. (Troy, NY) & Oliver's Beverage (Albany, NY)

M's dad and sister came out here for a camping trip. I didn't participate because 1) I'm not into camping, and 2) I had to take a review class. But I did watch the pets.

Both M's sister and brother-in-law are really into the homebrewing. Really into it. They sign up for homebrew contests, and even judge some. So M figured he would show them what we have to offer. I'm not sure if Brown's was the best place to take them, but compared to the Pump Station, it was a lot closer.

M and I split an order of onion rings, and it was unexpectedly good. As you can see, they are quite large (the menu referred to them as being "king-sized"), and battered. Not surprisingly, the batter incorporated one of their beers (Tomhannock Pilsner). These rings weren't very greasy, and we quickly gobbled them up. It would have been nicer if they gave us a dipping sauce to go along with it.

M as usual had himself a cheese quesadilla, and I got a bacon cheese burger... medium rare. It was okay, nothing spectacular. Wasn't really expecting much, since the focus I believe is on their beers.

Sis and BIL were not impressed.

After dropping M's dad back at the apartment, we drove to Albany make amends. I guess M's been talking up Oliver's and rightfully so... it's a great place. It's a drinkable beer library. There were a few labels that caught my eye and I'll be picking some up the next time I go there.

Sis and BIL took their time going up and down the aisles, and walked out with quite a few bottles. M bought a 36 pack for his dad, and BIL's daughter picked up some Stewart's root beer. I was tempted to buy some beef jerky, but I was good and resisted the tasty evil.

The night ended with us sitting around the living room, drinking the recently purchased beverages and watching movies.


phairhead said...

jerky is a high protein, low fat snack. as long as you choose one that has low sodium as well :)

Green Peccadilloes said...

Oliver's is a little slice of heaven...

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