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Sunday, May 23, 2010

TMC Lunch

The spring semester wrapped up this week for many schools, including RPI. Because I don't know if they'll be serving at the Union during the summer, I headed over Friday afternoon for a quick lunch. I arrived about twenty minutes before closing, and was relived they didn't run out of anything.

I ordered the daily sampler, which included pakoras, thai red chicken curry, chick pea and potato curry, vegetable stirfry and basmati rice. You can't tell in the picture, but the top was covered in pakora. M had quite a few of them before I started in. We used the green sauce, I think it's some creamy spicy parlsey... thing. Either way it was delicious and what didn't get eaten with the pakoras was mixed in with the chicken. It was creamy, spicy, and totally hit the spot. Unfortunately, it was a tad spicy.

And how did I deal with the heat? By eating some of TMC's homemade banana peanut butter chip ice cream. It wasn't bad- not too sweet, and there were little bits of banana along with the peanut butter chips. Sadly, it was not creamy as I had expected. It was full of crystals, which M says is due to their using water and not cream. M ended up eating the chocolate wafer cookie that came with the ice cream.


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They will be open for lunch over the Summer (11:30am until 2:00pm on the second floor).

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