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Thursday, May 27, 2010

School Things

Some pictures I've been meaning to post... but got distracted

Lotus Blossom martini. My post-pinning drink. It was okay, but I'm not really into martinis. My sister, the bartender, is all about them, so I passed it over.

Pan fried sea bass, Szechuan style. Post-pinning meal. Well, part of it. The server asked if we would like the head removed and said okay. So they removed the head... and took it away. Boo. Lots of good stuff is in that head. So I hear.

Some spicy tofu dish that I ordered for M. Apparently too spicy for him, but OMFG... incredible. Silken tofu, peas, scallions, maybe even some cilantro. Either way, mighty tasty.

My class dinner the day after pinning. Here where I drank lots of drink, and ordered the salmon. Rare. I was shocked they gave me an option, but whatever... it tasted like slightly warm salmon sashimi. And it was pretty darn good. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The sauce I forget, but it wasn't bad at all.

One of my classmates had a graduation party. And. Went. All. Out. Bartender, catered food, shirts. It was a lot of fun... maybe a bit too much fun. Anyways, food was catered by Bailey's Smokehouse. Everything tasted good, but sadly there wasn't much for M to have, so he munched on pickles and salads.

On the same day as rehearsal for graduation, the school held Senior Night. The spread was a variety of sandwiches, salads, fruit, and desserts. As college students usually do, they bombarded the table, coming back with multiple plates piled high with food. Us second degree folk waited patiently for the zoo to die down, and in the meantime ran around the room swooping up any untouched glasses of champagne. I only had two. And a half. I grabbed a veggie and turkey sandwich, the garden and pasta salads, and a brownie. The bread was tough as hell, but the fillings were pretty good. And they should be good, considering how much you normally have to pay for these sandwiches.

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