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Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Cook Everything Project: Raw Tomato Sauce

I went a little crazy with the tomato buying recently. To use them up, I decided to make a sauce. A raw sauce. Perfect for when the weather goes muggy and turning on the stove is just not an option.

I deviated from the recipe by roasting the garlic instead of crushing it and taking out (I like garlic way too much). I also roasted a shallot and mashed the two together before adding to the tomatoes. I didn't have any basil, so I used parsley instead.

I deviated some more by not mashing with a fork like suggested- I went the quick route and used the stick blender. It was not at all smooth, I tried my best to keep it somewhat chunky. I used some pasta water to warm it up a bit, and ladled on top of my bowl of pasta.

End results? It's pretty good! The first thing that came to mind after having a bite was bruschetta. Possibly not what Bittman was going for with this recipe, but spread it on some crusty bread and you will not go wrong. And it's not too far away from gazpacho, so if raw tomato sauce isn't your thing, you can progress it along to that.

Either way, perfect for summer meals.

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