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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Atlantic City!

The same weekend my classmate held her graduation party (which must have been two weeks ago), Mags, M and I took a bus ride down to Atlantic City. It was one of those deals where you pay a certain amount, and you get a certain mount back in vouchers. As you can see, we got $25 to gamble with, $5 to eat... and it only worked with those specific places.

I'm really not into gambling, but I gave it a go... and I won! Thirty bucks! Mags won over forty, and M got about eight. That took about two hours, and by the time the cash out ticket had been printed, we were famished. We didn't know where to go, but we definitely wanted to hit up the Boardwalk.

On our way to the exit, we found Nathan's. It was on the voucher list, so we placed our orders. M and I had to pay a little more out of pocket, but whatever. I got the fish sandwich combo, M got cheese fries.

Sat outside and did some people watching. We ran into some people from our bus and found out one of them won a grand on the slot machines! I wish I had that luck.

Nathan's was right next to a Rain Forest Cafe, a restaurant I haven't seen in a long time. They used to have one in the Palisades Mall, but that was years ago... and was replaced with a Cheesecake Factory. The two times I went to Rain Forest I liked it, and was curious about trying it again... but I guess that'll have to be for next time.

Didn't have to walk too far on the boardwalk before spotting out this sign. They run all along the boardwalk, and look like the Monopoly cards. Mags and I kicked off our shoes, and we decided to walk a bit on the sand. M followed, but I know he wasn't happy about it (how can you not be a beach person?!?). The water was ice cold, and walking underneath the pier... in the shade... on wet sand. My feet were numb.

We finally made it back onto the boardwalk (I totally forgot about those burr things) and decided to walk around off strip. M and I had been talking about picking up some salt water taffy, and hello... just happen to see this.

Along with taffy, they also sold a variety of candies and sea foam fudge. I meant to ask what sea foam fudge is... another thing to do next time.

We bought about a pound of taffy, in all different flavors. I like the peppermint and green apple ones best. M still has the candy, that is, if he didn't finish them already.

No reason behind this, other than I thought it was funny.

If you need plans for MDW, there will be a hot dog eating contest in Atlantic City! It is being held at the Trump Plaza Beach Bar May 29th at 2:00pm. According to the description, AC is one of the stops on the hot dog eating contest tour.

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