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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Five Guys (Nanuet, NY)

This was only my second visit at this Five Guys since it opened. On a Friday no less... during Lent. It was alright, but nothing extraordinary. I may pop in again for a burger, but I could always make one myself.

I ordered a single cheeseburger and a large order of fries. I don't remember where the potatoes came from that day, but it was a funny sounding place. Annnnnnnnd... there was some dude there that went to all the boxes of peanuts and kept dumping them into his bag. I thought those were for snacking on when you eat there... not for take out as well.

I convinced a classmate to join me and we dined in purgatory together.

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Albany Jane said...

Ohnoes, breaking the no-meat on Friday rule?

I think 5 Guys is a good way to go. Just sayin'.

phairhead said...

Awww give 5 Guys another chance. Tis a delicious hamburger indeed!

Anonymous said...

The single doesn't cut it. The meat to bread and topping ratio is all off.

Plus for me, the Five Guys experience is all about the crust on the patties. With two patties, you get twice the crust. So so much better than one extra large patty.

Not that I've thought about this much.

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