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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pre-show Snacks

A friend from college who I haven't seen in years invited Mags and I to a show at the Highline Ballroom Monday night. Mags got cashews and a wedge of cheese. I grabbed something from the cooler- a little mix of mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and olives. And because it was at the top of the cooler, the olive oil it was tossed in was starting to solidify. Regardless, it was delicious and more than enough to protect my stomach from the drinking that was sure to follow.

If you do go to the Highline, know that you can actually eat there... the menu wasn't bad. Mags ended up ordering a few small bite plates and Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee. There is also a club policy if you get a table - $10 minimum per person/per set. And they also tack on a 15% service fee.

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