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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to Cook Everything Project: Rice Pudding

Rice pudding never appealed to me. Look at the stuff they sell at the grocery store- it looks like cottage cheese with some rice thrown in. But I decided to give it a go, and it's not that bad. If I do make this again, I'll have to keep on my eye on it better- the recipe calls for it to cook for 20 minutes, but the rice sopped up that water in no time. And instead of adding more water and letting it coon longer, I went ahead with the recipe.

I ended up using more than 2 cups of milk. Way more.

And next time, I am measuring the amount of cinnamon that goes in. Eyeballing is not the best bet.

How to Cook Everything Project: Rice Pudding from Under the Copper Tree on Vimeo.

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Albany Jane said...

I like rice pudding. It's okay. I like things to be really creamy, etc. Sadly, I suck at making it at home - I always leave the rice too hard. Congee, no problem. Pudding, problemo!

I admire your work! Rice pudding sure isn't easy.

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