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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

AOA2 Birthday Party & Recovery Room (Troy, NY)

Happy belated birthday All Over Albany!

On Thursday, AOA threw a party to celebrate the big OH TWO. And I was there! Really! Unfortunately, M and I arrived pretty late. Okay, okay... really late. The weather downstate sucked and the drive was not the best. But I made it in one piece!

I have no pictures, but I did try the much talked about cupcakes- and I have nothing but praise for the bakers. They were good and helped melt away what was left of my winter driving stress. Our late arrival cut into the people talking, but I did get to meet Kevin Marshall and the Profussor. Albany Jane spotted us out by the bar, and it was good to see a familiar face. I'm sure I could have made my way through the rest of the crowd, but I am way too shy to go up to people and start talking.

After the party we made plans with one of M's friends to meet up at the Recovery Room for a quick bite. And as usual with M's friends, he bailed last minute. Not really in the mood to go anywhere else, we decided to stick with the RR.

From the outside, it looks like the restaurant doesn't take up that much space in the hotel. But the whole "looks can be deceiving" saying... so true. It's a large space, which unfortunately is pretty cluttered with seating. In the back of the restaurant the seating is more reasonably spaced and the walls are adorned with televisions and the usual shtick.

Honestly, there wasn't much on their menu that appealed to me. So I played it safe and did the girl order- Caesar salad and their soup of the day, Tomato Bisque. The salad was edible, but barely. The dressing clearly tasted like mayo and it looked like something you'd expect from a bag. The Tomato bisque was good, and surprisingly had chunks of tomato. I was thinking about throwing my croutons into the soup, but it was coated in that mayo disaster. M ordered a vegetable pizza, which was pretty good. It was topped with portabella mushrooms, artichokes, red onions, and spinach. I should have dropped the girlish act and ordered a pizza as well.

If we do come back to the Recovery Room, it will probably be pizza and wings. Apparently the RR serves some of the best wings in the area. And their beer specials don't sound too bad, either.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent meeting you and M! Wish we'd had more time to chat. Next time!

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