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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Any Takers?

So R's been interested in an adjustable knitting loom for quite a while, which would allow her to quickly and easily knit all kinds of socks and sock-like things. The problem is that these things are expensive! For a couple twigs and some plastic pegs, these folks are selling them at exhorbitant prices..! So, being a guy, of course I mention to her that I could easily make the same thing, and for a fraction of the cost...

That was sometime last year.

And while I still firmly believe I can create a device just as useful as those that are available, it's difficult to justify buying the tools needed for this one-time project. This is why I would like to guage interest in a Capital Region Sock Loom Making Weekend Extravaganza, where folks would gather, drink lots of beer, and operate dangerous machinery, all for looms to make socks.

I suppose there would have to be a materials fee (likely $10, or maybe the equivalent amount of booze), and since this is a food blog, possibly a pot-luck or maybe barbeque aspect to it. It could be a nice way to welcome in spring, make socks, and maybe get a little drunk. .. Let me know what you think.


Albany Jane said...

I'm down for the drinking & food aspect. I've already got too much yarn and not enough space to justify a loom though. But I'll drunkenly help someone else build one.

Lilimonster said...

I too have way too much yarn. I started crocheting again to try and eat away at this stash, but then I found merino sock yarn.


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