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Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Saloon (Pearl River, NY)

Mags and I hit up The Saloon after my first exam. It was not the best experience, and I was in a state of shock from it. It was still pretty early, but the weather wasn't the best, so we decided to eat quick and do some wait and see.

Mags wanted something light, and apparently that means a cheese quesadilla. It looked to be a good sized portion for a meal, and good for a few people as an appetizer (after all, it is listed under appetizers). She also asked for guacamole, which looked o k a y, but you really got the feeling it was the pre-made stuff. And considering what happened to Mags after dinner, ordering it may have not been the best decision (maybe... we don't know the true culprit).

As of late, it seems when I feel mopey all I want is salads and beer. Not the best combination, but what you crave is what you crave... right? Their spinach salad sounded good, and it's what I went with- minus the egg. I'm not really an egg fan, so the thought of sliced hard boiled egg in a salad is just vomit inducing. Baby spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and bacon in a vinaigrette. The picture uglies it up, but rest assured, the taste was great. And they didn't skimp on the bacon- there was a generous helping of crumbled bacon on top.

Mags originally wanted to have the Toll House pie, but sadly they were out. She settled on the Chocolate Mousse pie. It was o k a y, but I'm not really a mousse fan.

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Albany Jane said...

Dude, I've also been jonesing for some salad lately. Spinach, specifically. Yours sounds awesome. I'd also not get egg - I think hardboiled eggs are gross.

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