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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Oxtail Bad For You?

Seems like everything is going on the "Do Not Eat" lists.

Please don't say oxtail is on there. I'd be so sad if that were the case.

FYI, oxtail is way cheaper at the ethnic markets. Don't bother at Pathmark/Shoprite/chain store. I'm thinking some kare-kare is in the works...


Anonymous said...

I suppose it depends on your level of fear and anxiety about BSE.

That said, even the most apprehensive vCJD avoiders would likely enjoy oxtail worry free, if it came from a cow that was grass-fed and grass-finished .

Albany Jane said...

I found out the co-op up here carried oxtails occasionally. WTF? I think that would really kill any of my fears.

But personally, I've never even bought them. Might have to use lucky money for that one.

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