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Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Tale of Two Coneys

So Michigan has this thing with Coney Island. Not that it has to do with Nathan's or the famous hot dog eating contest, they just like the name. They like that name so much that there are places called Coney Island's. They're really diners but they're called Coney Island's.

I don't get it. M tried to explain it to me once, but come on... it's a diner.

So they have eating establishments called Coney Island's. And in these establishments you can order a Coney dog, or Coney. The Coney is a hot dog topped with mustard, onions, and Coney sauce. Depending where you're at, the Coney is different. Flint style is not the same as Detroit. Detroit is more about the sauce, Flint is more about the meat.

Hey... it's a chili dog.

Damn you regional names!

Anyways, that Coney up there? M, MB, and I ended our night at some Coney Island. I was just going to get fries (my drinking food of choice) but it was there and I had to try it. If you can see in the picture, this was straight up Flint style- the sauce is on the dry side.

I made it half a bite before I realized I couldn't eat it. It could have been the dog, or it could have been the alcohol, but yuck. I was going to wrap it up to give to the dogs (hey... it was M's suggestion) but our waitress was nowhere to be found.

EDIT: According to Wiki, the Coney sauce is made with beef hearts. Perhaps that is the reason why I couldn't eat it?

This Coney is from CJ's. The Coney sauce on here looks to be in between Flint and Detroit style. Or maybe it was regular ol' chili... since it is a chili dog. Whatever style this dog was, it was edible and I scarfed that sucker down.

I had it with a burger, which was also scarfed down.

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phairhead said...

holy GIGANTIC burger!!

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