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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shopping With M


Have I mentioned before that M hates grocery shopping? I'm sure I have... because how can you hate grocery shopping?!? Before I headed home, I dragged him into Chopper so he'd have food for the next month.

What does the shopping cart say about the shopper? You really can't see all the items in there, but if I didn't know him, I would be thinking "wow... that's a lot of crap." Then I would imagine that cart being pushed by some college kid with limited appliances, and not a lot of time to cook.

Let's take a look at the receipt, shall we?

Folgers ground coffee - 6.00 on sale
Pepsi 24 pk. - 6.99 (1.20 deposit) on sale
Silk Soymilk 2 pk. - 6.19
Store brand trash bags - 5.99 on sale
Kraft Shells & Cheese (variety) - 10 @ 1.99 on sale
Chef Boyardee (variety) - 6 @ 1.00 on sale
Store brand Chunky Vegetable soup - 3 @ 1.59 on sale
Store brand Parmesan cheese - 2.99 on sale
Store brand ground pepper - 3.29
Store brand ice cream sandwiches - 2.79 on sale
Knorr Pasta sides (variety) - 6 @ 1.00 on sale
Store brand saltine crackers - 2 @ 1.39 on sale
Pede cheese ravioli - 2.79 on sale (buy one get one free)
Store brand cottage cheese - 3.29
Frontega salsa - 3.69 on sale
Store brand frozen bagels - 3 @ 1.29 on sale
Totinos pizza rolls - 2 @ 5.99 on sale
Store brand shredded cheddar - 4.00 on sale
Store brand pizza dough - 1.99
Store brand margarine - 1.49 on sale
Store brand sliced cheese - 3.00 on sale
Freihofer's split top bread - 4 @ 3.39 on sale (buy one get one free)
Mission flour tortilla - 3.49
Store brand egg noodles - 2 @ 1.59 on sale
Coffeemate nondairy creamer - 3.89
Malt-o-meal cereal (variety) - 3 @ 3.39
Santitas tortilla chips (variety) - 2 @ 2.00

Where are the fruit? Vegetables? Grrr... processed food vegetarians.


Albany Jane said...

Lol, a vegetarian that doesn't eat vegetables. Ai yi yi.

I freaking love grocery shopping. Tell M to give me a list and some cash or a card and I'll go for him! (I promise to sneak some veggies in there too)

phairhead said...

i think boys in general don't like the food shopping.

hee! Chef Boy-ar-dee!

M said...

the reason i don't like grocery shopping: .. AJ, you're more than welcome to shop for me.. just use the accompanying list.. just add a case or two of beer and some dog food, and I'll be set for the month.

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