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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taco Night Recap

M and his friend R went to Badass Burrito last night for some dollar taco action. M doesn't feel like writing about it, so I'm stuck writing about something I wasn't there for.

The joint was pretty empty. But that could be due to a number of reasons. I'm going to say because it's effin cold. I wasn't in attendance because it was league night. I hate missing league night.

They got tacos, so I was told. According to M, they looked awesome, but only tasted alright.

They also bought beer, and drank happily, so I was told. Ten bucks between the two of them, and a nice tip for the server... because M was in a good mood. I think he wants to be a regular (who wouldn't with dollar tacos and PBR?)

M talked to one of the owners, Howie, so I was told. For an hour. M actually held a conversation with a complete stranger for an hour. Historic times.

Howie is from Brooklyn, and from the sounds of it, is the epitome of someone from Brooklyn. He did some cool things when he was younger, and now is all about the Mexican food. His actual words I won't say because I don't know if he's cool with someone writing it. Apparently they have a blog and they frequently check the web to hear what people have to say. If that's the case, they would have seen the post about Baby Badass, and my very meh feelings about it.

And speaking of their Troy location, it turns out they own more than just the store front. From what I was told, the Badass owners want to turn it into something other than just a eatery. Once again I won't say what I was told, but it is something that Troy doesn't have and would be an excellent addition to the area.


phairhead said...

they're trying to convert Baby Badass into a coffee bar, a quiet place for students to relax and study.

sexybeast really enjoyed their tacos. taste is subjective :D

and they're also thinking of opening up a b-b-q joint in the Hudson Falls area

Lilimonster said...

Apparently the owner wants to make it either a coffee bar or a full bar downstairs and the second floor a music venue. I have no idea how much space that second floor is... hopefully more than the first floor.

M is all for the music option, since he was involved in something similar back in Michigan. I think it sounds cool because I just like small music venues.

Albany Jane said...

Do they have veggie tacos?

Or am I totally off in thinking M was vegetarian?

Either way, yay, PBR!

Lilimonster said...

M is indeed a vegetarian and they do have veggie tacos.

I was hoping to get some dollar tacos this weekend, but I won't around when it's going on.

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